Oditly is an easy-to-use, featureful and cloud-based platform for digitally managing audits and inspections, and automating process workflows.

Let us Explore Oditly's Key Features

Build Smart Checklists Instantly

Create customizable checklists online by using the in-built template generator or uploading checklist spreadsheets. Or send us your existing paper or spreadsheet checklists and we will create digital version of these checklists for you.

Configure Roles and Departments Flexibly

Set up functional roles and permissions to implement role based access control. Map internal departments to inspection workflow to facilitate administering inspections at department level.

Set Up and Manage Inspection Workflows Seamlessly

While setting up inspections, leverage the flexibility of scheduling recurrent inspections, adding waivers and assigning one inspection to an individual or a team. Post-inspection, set up action plans and follow-up. Send and receive automated updates, emails, notifications and reminders of assigned, due and overdue activities.

Conduct Inspections Conveniently

While performing inspections, take advantage of handy features such as using offline mode in no-network locations, capturing images and videos, geo-tagging locations and timestamping inspections. Report hazards and incidents directly from the field.

Publish Digital Reports in Real-Time

Publish and download reports on a real time basis in different formats (PDF, Excel and Word). Add digital signatures to reports.

Get a Bird's Eye View of Your Performance

With centralized analytics dashboard, gain access to performance metrics that matter most and improve visibility across all levels, departments and locations in your organization. Identify weak spots, non-conformities and non-compliances, and make informed decisions to achieve superior results.

Customizable, Multi-Platform and Multi-Lingual

Customize the software to fit your unique needs. Use the software as a web application and as a mobile application running on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile phones & tablets. Use the software in your own language.

See Beyond Limits

Bid adieu to usage limits. Start enjoying unlimited inspections, unlimited user access and unlimited cloud storage.

Oditly Support

Receive round the clock personalized customer support; even on holidays.

Ready to empower your organization with Oditly ?